Facility Sponsors

Facility Sponsors

Team Fundraising

If you are looking for a way to raise money for your team, The Bud Dome highly encourages you to use one of our fundraising partners. Our partners provide you with the ability to quickly and easily fundraise. Read the options below and click on the links for more information. If you have any questions, contact The B
ud Dome and we will put you in contact with our partners.


Tj’s Pizza


Groups, Teams, Organizations and now for individuals! TJ’s Pizza is your hometown favorite. For more information on how to fundraise with TJ’s pizza clink the link above! Tj’s pizza is well known for their fundraising program and is sure to be able to help your team! Please contact Bruce Bacott who is the Director of Sales and Marketing. 314-869-9404 or www.tjsfundme.com




Party/Event Booking

The Bud Dome has the perfect space for your event or party. We are now offering the following options:

Birthday Parties

  • All you need to do is fill out the Birthday Party request form
  • With multiple field spaces we can accommodate any activity for your birthday.
  • For any questions please feel free to contact us!


  • The Bud Dome will be offering lock-ins for students in grade school
  • It will be either 4 or 6 hours
  • Filled with tons of fun, games, and activities! There will never be a dull moment.
  • To book your teams lock in, contact us at The Bud Dome


  • Sign up for our Dodgeball Tournaments!
  • There will be multiple tournaments throughout the year!
  • Prices for teams will depend on the Tournament