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Our Mission:

Premier Pitching and Performance was founded by Brian DeLunas and Josh Kesel with the goal of continuing to provide the highest level of baseball pitching instruction to the Midwest.Whether you are a young pitcher trying to start out on the right foot or the professional pitcher preparing to make the next jump, you can feel confident that P3 is your training source to get your there!

Brian DeLunas:eee-2065

With a history of having coached 5 current MLB pitchers, along with training and coaching 10 more minor league pitchers, including 8 high school draft picks in the last two years, Brian has a clear understanding of what it takes to get to the top of the baseball ladder.

Josh Kesel:

Josh serves as the strength and conditioning arm of P3. As a certified strength coach, he is an incredibly valuable asset to any pitcher and specializes in writing baseball specific programming. Josh provides instruction on many areas concerning health, improvement in movement patterns, as well as strength gains needed to perform at your best.

Programs and Services:

  • Youth Program
  • High School Elite Pitcher Program
  • College Elite Pitcher Program
  • In Season Program
  • Assessment and Evaluation

For more information contact Brian DeLunas:


P3 Number: (314) 200-3346




Youth Elite Pitching Program

Are you tired of the same old 20 to 30 minute “lesson” of “pick up, drop, and throw”, or being yelled at or “punished” when you don’t “succeed” inside of your lesson?  Are you tired of being told “just wait, you’re growing, it’ll come, you’ll throw harder once you grow”.  Are you tired of making

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